After another day at the beach (I’m basically trying to bring my spending down – the beach is the cheapest option) I met up with my friend Alicia from Brussels. She is in town for two days for a conference for work. She’s one of those friends that I simply didn’t get to see enough […] Read More

Bookings, beaches, box-office

The last days have been perfect, I only spent time at the beach, booking stuff for my trip, and getting tix for the Film festival. By now I have a pretty good tan, just about managing to avoid a sunburn. I’m either at Banana Beach, where the waves were so enormous the other day that I […] Read More


It’s time for the movies. During Pride, Tel Aviv also celebrate its LGBT film festival, TLVFest. It’s perfect after a long day under an umbrella at the beach, to go see a movie in a cool, dark place! I went there to see Rosie, a Swiss movie, but alas, somehow they had first to delay […] Read More

Time off

I couldn’t sleep most of the night – it was either way too warm up in my alcove, or, if I turned on the air-con, too noisy, and too cold. I fell asleep around 5.30 to the sound of the birds. So I slept long, had a slow start, and then looked for a laundromat… […] Read More

Like a Rolling Stone

There are some things in life that are just on everyone’s bucket list – or should be. And attending a concert by the Rolling Stones would be one of those things, at least for me. I have already missed out on Michael Jackson, and those guys aren’t getting younger, so you better go while you […] Read More

Back to the 80s

The city was plastered with posters for this Michael Jackson Tribute party, celebrating the release of this second post-mortem album with unreleased songs that have been finished by different producers. Impossible to ignore. My friend Davidi also wanted to go, so off we went to that club, located in the Central Bus station in Tel […] Read More


Off to Jaffa this morning, for a quick stroll though the beautiful old town. It is from Jaffa that Tel Aviv was founded in the early 20th century, by a couple of Jewish families who moved out and planned their own settlement, which would become Tel Aviv. Jaffa is small, with a little old quarter […] Read More

Summertime slowness

I slept in today, while Sue was up for getting a pedicure on Sheinkin Street in a little beauty parlor…. When I got up, I went over to the Dizengoff shopping mall to get tickets for the Rolling Stones who will be playing their first ever gig here on Wednesday. However, the queue was enormous […] Read More

Baffled in Jerusalem

Today, we took the bus to Jerusalem. We only have this one day, as Susanne’s time is limited, but we wanted to maximize everything we could see. We’re both history geeks, Susanne being a real expert in British history (she can easily name the kings of England and Great Britain, explain the stories, feuds, heirs, traitors….) […] Read More


Of course we had to explore the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv. After all, the city is famous for it. I had already done the audio tour prepared by the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv two years ago, so this time we just bought a map and explored it a bit on our own. I love […] Read More

Beach days

My friend Susanne from Brussels has arrived on Thursday. I know her for about ten years, and it’s fun to catch up, and enjoy Tel Aviv together. We first walked around the craft market and the Carmel street market, and got some cherries and a 4-kg-Melon, for the beach. The beach was our main destination […] Read More

Summer heat

Finally, I’m back in summer. After autumn in New Zealand, spring in Japan and some rain in Istanbul, it was about time. Istanbul had just started to become warmer (and humid) when I was about to leave. Stepping off the plane in Tel Aviv, even though in the evening, I felt I was back in […] Read More