Expensive Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was on the expensive side. I would have spent much more if I had not paid a lot of attention to my spending…

I really had to reign in the brakes at one point and deliberately stopped going out, eat out or spend anything except for the parasol and sun chair at the beach…

Accommodation was expensive too. Ok, I had looked rather late for it and might have found something slightly cheaper, but not by much.

Here are the final figures:
1395 €  accommodation
830   €  eating out & drinks
195   €  other expenses (phone, beach, books, downloads)
185   €  cultural activities, entry fees, etc…
155   €  supermarkets
115   €  transport, taxis, etc…

All in all I spent 2875 €, slightly over budget. I also spent 210 € on other stuff like the web hosting of this blog and a pair of shoes, which I do not count into the Tel Aviv budget.

To put this into perspective: this is 200 € more than during a similar time frame in expensive Japan (!) and more than 700 € above my spending in Istanbul.

It might have been even more if it had not been for Sven, who invited me to a number of places and notably the pride parties in Tel Aviv.

I am curious to make a final comparison at the end of this trip about price levels and spending in each of my cities.

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