Meeting Kate

And just like last year, on Australia Day, I met Kate again. She was my host in Fitzroy on my first visit to Melbourne.

A year ago, we took a car down to the Yarra Valley, the vineries and milk producers, and in the end had a swim in the Yarra.

This year, we met for coffee and then lunch in Fitzroy. It was so fantastic to see her again and catch up. She was the best host ever, and we got along so well.

Since her house was sold last year, she lives in Fitzroy North now, in a new place, but hasn’t rented out on airbnb anymore.

She also took on a second job as a wine rep for some South Australian Wineries, besides her job as a manager in yummy Mr.& Mrs. Howell, in Brunswick.

We spent the afternoon chatting and catching up, and sampling some food, wine and desert.

In two week’s we’ll drive down the Mornington Peninsula and treat ourselves to a spa day!