Fallen off

I fell of my bike, Sir St. James. My fault. I wanted to cross the street, with a whole queue of cars on the other side. I wanted to ride alongside them and then use a space and flip over to the left side of the road. Unfortunately, I got caught in the tram tracks. […] Read More

Coin-operated artist

Walking home to the tram in the CBD, from an improvised stand-up Midsumma show by The sparrow Men late at night, there she was, a person all in white, with brushes all over her, and an unfinished painting next to her. The coin-operated artist. Absolutely motionless. How could I pass her, after reading Amanda Palmer’s […] Read More

Money issues

All in all, I did fairly well with my money. If I had not extended my trip by another three months, with all the costs that occurred (flights, accommodation, insurance, daily life) I would have easily made it with the money I had saved. I will make a big analysis of the cost – which […] Read More

CBD night lane walk

Something that defines Melbourne are its lanes. Those are tiny alleys that cut across the city blocks, often full of dumpsters, sometimes just empty, but some just full of hidden gems like bars, take-aways or art! I met up with my new Polish friend Artur, with whom I share a certain passion for dumplings. After stuffing […] Read More

Meeting Kate

And just like last year, on Australia Day, I met Kate again. She was my host in Fitzroy on my first visit to Melbourne. A year ago, we took a car down to the Yarra Valley, the vineries and milk producers, and in the end had a swim in the Yarra. This year, we met […] Read More

‘Straya Day Weekend

Unlike last year, where I went on a Picnic with Will and Rajiv and we ended up getting drunk, and I had tickets for a Midsumma show, and saw the fireworks, this year’s Australia Day announced itself pretty mellow. My hosts Sara & Lisa were out to Brisbane for the weekend, so I had the […] Read More


As the idea for this trip took shape, and I was trying to figure out what to do during all the time in these different cities, I had the idea: I could volunteer in different places. Volunteering would not only mean I’d make some kind of – minimal – contribution to the country or city […] Read More

Classic Melbourne weekend

I started into the long Australia Day Weekend in the most classic Melbourne way, besides swimming my daily 10 laps in the Fitzroy pool. I first saw a beautiful, short Midsumma play called ‘My pet, my love‘ by Rob Gaetano. A beautiful, thoughtful ‘one-man show about fish, forgetting and the fear of dying single‘, or the […] Read More

Melbourne home

I think I could move to Melbourne. Maybe I should move to Melbourne. Riding my bike through the different neighborhoods, technically their own cities with post codes and all, from Fitzroy to Carlton, Brunswick to Richmond or Clifton Hill, I feel totally at home. I wish I could afford one of these beautiful wooden or brick […] Read More

Deja vu

The first few days in Melbourne feel like a total déjà vu. And of course, it is…. I am immediately familiar with everything, from my Myki card for public transport to the streets, the bars and restaurants, and hanging out at the Fitzroy pool. Somehow it feels surreal though, as if I had never left? As […] Read More


First thing I did was to get to the Fitzroy pool again. I got a membership for 10 entries, and I intend to use it. Actually I want to go there and swim every day. Hold me to it! It might not be the best pool in Melbourne – the interior of the changing room […] Read More

Midsumma burnin’

I timed my trip to Melbourne so that it would coincide with Midsumma, the city’s LGBT month full of events, shows, plays and parties. It was such fun last year, I didn’t want to miss it. The day started overcast and somewhat cool, I nearly wore my long jeans. Thank God I didn’t, as it […] Read More